Talent Development

Talent development supports the organizational goals of recruiting and retaining the best employees, and encouraging employee growth. By expanding and deepening our employees’ knowledge base and learning experiences, we provide better client service and achieve greater results. We’re an Employer of Choice because we support our employees’ growth, and recognize and reward excellence.

Your career progression.
At Braun Intertec, we strongly encourage and support employees who pave their own career path, and we present many opportunities to do so through our team-based organization. Some say the best part of working at Braun Intertec is experiencing the entrepreneurial spirit of a small company while receiving the backing of a larger supportive structure.

Taking ownership of your career.
We recognize that networking is invaluable to your career growth, and strongly support your membership and participation in professional and trade organizations. We also encourage you to attain additional certifications and credentialing as related to your role and responsibilities. To help you along the way, we offer internal training and informal brown-bag sessions that cover multiple topics. We also support attendance in external training programs to broaden your knowledge base.

Performance planning.
Braun Intertec believes in creating a culture of accountability. We annually set goals with measurable milestones for performance and development for review throughout the year. We align individual performance with the overall company strategies, goals and objectives. Braun Intertec also uses a competency framework to communicate desired strengths and assess progress, make hiring and promotion selections, provide feedback and develop talent. Understanding your role in the company and how you can best contribute is critical to your success and the success of the organization.