Your safety is a top priority.
At Braun Intertec, safety is first. We place a high degree of importance on protecting the health and safety of our employees. To do so, we allocate considerable resources to our overall safety programming, including role-specific employee safety training, corporate safety plans, development and enforcement of safety operating procedures, and purchase of safety equipment. We also stress the support and participation of our leadership in our employees’ health and safety.

A corporate commitment to safety.
Due to the diverse nature of services provided, Braun Intertec is subject to a wide variety of regulatory requirements relative to work activities. We have developed corporate health and safety policies, job hazard analyses, safe operating procedures and specific safety training programs. Recognizing the need for strong management support, Braun Intertec maintains a team approach through a highly effective Corporate Safety and Compliance group that oversees employee health and safety activities and verifies regulatory and policy compliance.



Braun Intertec is responsible for providing and maintaining safe working conditions for all employees. The company has adopted policies, practices, operations and processes that are reasonably expected to protect the life, safety and health of employees.

Employees have three primary responsibilities with regard to employee safety and health:

  • To be familiar with and work in compliance with established safety policies and procedures, including client-specific safety requirements.
  • To report all observed hazardous conditions or practices.
  • To report injuries immediately to the supervisor and health and safety representative.

Supervisors and managers have the following responsibilities with regard to employee safety and health:

  • To ensure that employees are provided appropriate resources and are aware of and trained in relevant safe operating procedures. Specific orientation must be provided when new equipment or processes are introduced to avoid injuries.
  • Conducting self audits to ensure compliance to regulations and company policies relative to workplace safety.
  • Meeting client health and safety expectations.
  • Holding accountable other employees and themselves for compliance with safety policies and safe work procedures.



Programs and training.
Braun Intertec employees participate in an initial safety orientation program relative to their activities. In addition to specific training, and in accordance with our AWAIR program, job hazard analyses are performed on all activities to identify and eliminate any potentially recognized hazards.

Our approach to safety.
Braun Intertec has written guidance programs and training such as confined space entry, respiratory protection, chemical hygiene, corporate health and safety manuals, and site-specific health and safety plans. As required for safety and security-sensitive activities, workers are trained on the adverse effects of substance abuse, are subject to drug and alcohol testing if required, and given the opportunity to participate in an employer-sponsored employee assistance program.

Compliance programs and training.
Field employees receive training relative to their activities, including trench/excavation safety, fall protection, defensive driving, heavy equipment operation, utility hazards, pinch point hazards, first aid/CPR, and relative emergency procedures. Specific compliance programs have been implemented to address regulatory requirements as mandated.

Medical oversight.
All employees who may come in contact with hazardous materials participate in a medical surveillance program to ensure worker health and ability to safely perform designated work activities.

Safety and vehicles.
Braun Intertec has a vehicle use and vehicle accident reporting policy. Motor vehicle records are checked on all new hires. Motor vehicle record checks are also conducted on a quarterly basis for all employee drivers.