Leaders and entrepreneurs.
When Jack Braun founded Braun Intertec more than 50 years ago, he knew versatility and good judgment were qualities of successful consulting engineers and scientists. From the beginning, he gave his employees opportunities to learn and grow professionally, and believed in honesty, integrity, trust and service to employees as well as clients. Jon Carlson, our current Chief Executive Officer, continues to be committed to this core philosophy: at Braun Intertec it’s all about our people.

Our core values live on.
Today at Braun Intertec, our leadership continues to instill the same core values to help our people grow and achieve. We’re always looking for new additions to our team who drive for results and go the extra mile. They know it spells the difference between simply doing what it takes to get the job done and exceeding client expectations by delivering the ultimate level of service. Our clients rely on us to serve as their independent voice when project challenges arise that call for timely and professional resolution. Because of this reliance, we look for people who possess keen interpersonal savvy, solid ethics and values, and strong listening skills. At Braun Intertec our employees strive to make client satisfaction a number one priority. When you work for Braun Intertec, you are trusted to understand and value client relationships first and foremost.

Business acumen is vital.
Each day we work to expand our competitive advantage and create opportunities to bring additional value to our clients. We also strive to offer greater cost effectiveness and improve the way we deliver our services. That’s why, at Braun Intertec, we value an entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll be rewarded and recognized for identifying strategic business opportunities and using your talents to make it happen. By successfully calculating risks and taking action, you’ll grow professionally and personally, and bring the most value to our clients and our organization.

Our employees make the difference.
Our model for ownership follows three core principles: customer-focused, strategic problem-solving and accountability for ongoing self-development. Our employee-owners set high priorities and identify ways to continually improve business and service methods. These principles help us develop talent, positively address change and demonstrate our brand at Braun Intertec as the Consultant of Choice and the Employer of Choice.