You can learn more about the opportunities at Braun Intertec through career fairs, internship positions and local career events.

Career fairs and events.
We’re committed to building supportive relationships with students and contributing to academia through our active participation in career fairs, student interviews and public speaking engagements. These events give you an opportunity to network with Braun Intertec employees to learn more about us and share your field of expertise.

Co-op and internship opportunities.
Are you ready to add practical experience to your course of study? A co-op or internship at Braun Intertec can be a great way to find out more about the day-to-day aspects of your field of study. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a Braun Intertec team, where you'll work with different groups to build on your education and deepen your learning experience. Interesting projects are taking place throughout the company, and students with a passion for excellence are always in demand.

Human Resources at Braun Intertec.
The Braun Intertec Human Resources Department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures and people-friendly support. We support the company mission, vision and values by recruiting the right talent and providing the necessary guidance to help make our employee-owners successful.

Get connected with Braun Intertec Human Resources on LinkedIn. Find out about upcoming recruiting events, find common connections, and keep in touch with us regarding upcoming open positions.